We are very pleased to announce that Competex Pro Ltd is now up and running for business!

Competex Pro has been set up in response to the new HMRC legislation regarding temporary workers in the public sector who currently operate via Personal Service Companies (PSCs). The new IR35 rules, which are designed to combat ‘disguised employment’, create difficulty for those working through a PSC if their role is inside IR35, making this way of working extremely onerous. Payroll umbrella companies, however, are being positively encouraged by HMRC as a compliant payroll solution for interims and other temporary workers. In short, working through a payroll umbrella company is now the logical and recommended choice for consultants, contractors and interim managers working in the public sector.

Competex Ltd has always placed transparency at the heart of its business, and Competex Pro is no different – its intention is to set a new standard of transparency, compliance and accessibility for payroll umbrella companies operating in the UK.

We care about being able to continue providing top-level services and expertise to independent professionals with minimal disruption and financial risk, and maximum independence. Therefore through Competex Pro, you can enjoy a lot of the same benefits as you would working for any other company, such as:

  • paying pension contributions
  • claiming all expenses that have been approved and reimbursed by the end-client
  • being fully covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance for your assignment, at no additional cost to you

We are still very much at the beginning of a new dawn for public sector temporary working, and reliable information is scarce. We have lots of information in our Guide to Working through a Payroll Umbrella Company and if you need to contact us directly, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Edit February 2021: The trading name Competex Umbrella Limited in the original version of this blog has been changed to Competex Pro Limited to reflect a change in the trading name.

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