Why choose Competex Pro?

Our extensive experience working with interim agencies and end-clients engaging management and board level professionals clearly sets us apart from other umbrella companies.

What is a payroll umbrella company?

The worker, who may work on numerous different assignments, at various locations, either through agencies or directly for end-clients, will in most cases be required by their agency or end-client to use an umbrella company, but a worker may also choose the umbrella route because of the administrative simplicity that umbrella working offers.

A payroll umbrella company is a company that employs freelance workers such as contractors, interim managers and consultants.

What happens when you refer candidates to Competex Pro?

If your candidate is new to contracting, then working through Competex Pro is arguably the most straightforward way to work.

step 1

Simply fill in the short form below and we will get in touch with your candidate directly.

step 2

We agree terms with you, the agency, and sign contracts for the assignment.

step 3

You pay us the umbrella rate for the assignment, and we pay the candidate after making all the statutory deductions.

How it works

When you place a candidate on assignment with Competex Pro, you have no employment or taxation responsibilities for the candidate, as these are dealt with by us. Whilst you do get involved with the candidate and the end-client in terms of the initial contact, discussions about the assignment, the scope of the job and the proposed day rate, you do not enter into a contract with the candidate.

There two different service agreements for the assignment – one between the end-client and the agency, and a subsequent contract between the agency and Competex Pro.

At the same time, Competex Pro, which assumes the role of the candidate’s employer, arranges an employment contract with the candidate.

As the candidate works on the assignment, the ‘fee-payer’ (either the end-client or the agency) pays the fee income for the assignment and the VAT due on the amount to Competex Pro. Competex Pro is responsible for processing and taxing this income, and also deducts a margin to cover its own costs. Once all deductions have been made, the candidate receives his or her net pay through Competex Pro’s payroll.

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